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Street Bands

Country Music Victoria

  • GPAC 50 Little Malop Street Geelong, VIC, 3220 Australia (map)

Victoria's street band project, an initiative from CMVic

One....Two....One, two, three, four!

Riffs and rhythm. Squeaks, shouts and smiles. Tunes blast out. The band moves as one (almost!) as they lead the parade. Or play on the street corner. Or as they rehearse together on a rainy Tuesday night in their local community hall. You know the feeling. Playing in a band, singing and making music with others is something special. Hearing the rhythm drift down the street always increases your heartbeat. And playing at a street band festival is simply thrilling!

Pop up performances every 30 mins. Meet you on the dance floor

**EXCLUSIVE** StreetSounds bands return to play Geelong After Dark 2018. Details below

Invy Horn Jam: South Gippsland, Invy Horn Jam is a sticky confection of vibrant brass, sax and percussion street band music.

Boomulele Latrobe Valley. Percussionists and ukulele players with catchy songs and grooves, focusing on local identity.

SCOTSO: (Surf Coast Old Time Street Orchestra): Strings, Percussion, Acoustic instruments. Bring out your instruments; brush up your rusty musical skills; have a go at being part of a supportive musical collective.

Sunshine Street Band: St Albans. Horns, strings, percussion – anything goes!

Fabulous Meltones: Melton The Fabulous Meltones (from Melton!) sing dance and play dressed in bright sunset colours. 

Dunolly Street Band: Dunolly. The Dunolly Street Band. Ukes, horns, accordion and percussion are all involved.

Kyneton Street Band Kyneton. Marimbas, horns and percussion equals fun and funky repertoire to the Kyneton that brings fun and a funky repertoire to our area.

FAME: (Footscray Acoustic Music Ensemble): FAME participants of all levels learn new music from around the world by ear.

Havana Palava Sax, brass players and percussionists get down and move around to a mighty, acoustic, outdoor cacophony of Latin, African, Balkan, jazz, and ska rhythms.

Zamponistas: Zampoñistas Bolivian Pan Pipe Marching Band. Dressed in ponchos, they weave in and out of crowds, twisting, turning, spinning–totally engaging audiences and bystanders alike! Some call it guerrilla music, some call it pop- up music. They bring joy and delight wherever they play.

Earlier Event: 4 May

Alex Evans